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Dog Fleas

It can be alarming to discover that your pet has fleas but it should not come
as a surprise. Fleas are the most common parasite in pets and almost all pets
are affected at some stage in their life unless they are given regular, routine
treatment to control fleas. Fleas are unlikely to cause serious harm, but they
are a nuisance and very unpleasant. Getting rid of fleas can be difficult once
they have become established so regular treatment is strongly recommended.
Fleas can pass on other diseases to your pet and so flea control is an
important aspect of routine health care for your pet.

Your partner in caring for your pet should be your veterinary surgeon.
Regular visits to a vet for routine health checks and preventative health
care such as vaccination and treatment for fleas and worms allow you and
your pet to build a relationship with your vet. Most pets live with us as
part of the family maintaining their health also means there is less risk
of them passing on disease.
The chance of you catching a disease from an animal is small but there are
some diseases that people can get from animals (zoonoses).
A healthy pet is unlikely to pass on disease.
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