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Senior Dog Care

Dogs grow up at different rates and some breed stay puppies for a long time whilst others mature quickly. However all dogs should be mature by 2 years of age. The expected lifespan of a dog is also highly dependent on its breed. Some breeds only live for around 5 years whilst others may be expected to reach 15 years. Older dogs may develop problems related to 'wear and tear' as well as particular illnesses and often have special requirements for care.

Your relationship with your dog is a very special one - many people regard their dog as a friend and part of the family. As your dog gets older he needs you more than ever. You are the person who knows him better than anyone and you will be able to detect small changes which may indicate that all is not well. However it is important that you form a good relationship with your vet so that you can provide the best possible care for your pet throughout its life.
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