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Dog Vaccination

Young animals, just like children, are at risk from many infectious diseases. In many cases there is no treatment for these and young puppies or kittens who catch them often die. Protection against these deadly diseases can be provided by vaccination. To keep your pet fit and healthy make sure they complete an initial course of vaccinations and then receive regular booster jabs.

The most important vaccinations are those given to young animals. In most cases a course of injections is given between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks (although some brands of vaccine allow vaccination of younger puppies which is important to allow early socialisation). 'Booster' vaccinations are given at 15 months and then at intervals throughout the dog's life. First vaccination: 8-9 weeks - parvovirus (P) and leptospirosis (L) Second vaccination: 12 weeks - distemper (D), hepatitis (H), leptospirosis (L) and parvovirus (P) First annual health check and 'booster': 15 months - DHLP

Are vaccines safe? Vaccines are powerful substances and should be used with care. Your vet will perform a health check before administering a vaccine and you can discuss and concerns you have at this time.

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